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Maui Lawyer David A. Sereno, Your Experienced and aggressive Maui criminal defense attorney and Maui personal injury lawyer for over 25 years. We can help.

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Criminal Defense

If you are charged with a crime or are afraid you might be charged, I can help you. David Sereno has represented clients facing criminal offences since 1988.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! DO NOT SPEAK with police or anyone investigating the case until you have discussed the case with an attorney.  Anything you say, can and will be used against you. After  we are hired, we notify the police, the investigators and the prosecution that we are your attorneys and all communications will be directed through the firm.

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Maui’s experienced, aggressive, criminal defense firm.

Maui Lawyer David A. Sereno | Maui Criminal Defense Attorney | Maui Personal Injury and Maui Medical Malpractice Lawyer

David Sereno is seasoned in criminal defense and serious personal injury cases. When you hire David Sereno Law, you are protected by an exceptional group of legal professionals with extensive knowledge of the Maui court system – over 50 years combined.

If you have been injured as a result of the wrong doing of another or accused of a crime, contact The Law Offices of David A. Sereno today to set up a free consultation!



“We are a criminal defense firm experienced in every facet of the defense practice”

Our legal team has over 50 years combined experience in criminal and personal injury cases on Maui. We know what it takes to build a defense that will deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.


David started out in 1988 as a public defender on Maui In 1997 he felt that he could better serve and defend the people of Maui in private practice.

Since 1988, David has dedicated his entire career to defending the people of Maui. He has established his reputation as an aggressive defender by delivering results to his clients when they matter the most.

The law office has now grown to develop a great team and provides aggressive legal representation in the areas of personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, wrongful death claims, disability claim disputes and Criminal accusations.

Our clients are supported by experienced support staff and cutting edge technology. Together, we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing comprehensive, aggressive legal representation and superior client services.


The David Sereno Law Office was founded on the principles of truth, justice, accountability, and equal access. Our success has been the result of David and his dedicated team member’s commitment to these guiding principles.

Our firm engage in cases involving serious brain and spinal cord injuries, medical negligence claims and aggressive criminal defense.

Far more than the size of awards, it is the potential to create meaningful change through the legal process and obtain justice for clients that motivates our entire team.

We approach each case with tenacity and remain dedicated to serving our clients through out their difficult legal battles.


David was born and raised on Oahu and graduated from Punahou school. He continued his higher education in Hawaii and the Mainland. Since 1988, David has dedicated his career to criminal defense on Maui David has established his reputation as an aggressive defender and for delivering results to his clients when they matter the most.

Tom is the lead for computerized legal research, writing, trial preparation and investigation for David Sereno Law. His career began in 1980 in the Prisoners Rights Office on Oahu, continued as the Supervising Public Defender on Maui and then in private practice on Maui. He has been the lead paralegal at David Sereno Law since 2008.


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From my start in 1988, I have remained committed to defense in Hawaii. Each case is a pivotal moment in someone’s life, and I am honored by the trust I receive to defend the rights of my clients when it matters the most.

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