When is the Golden Hour to Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Accidents are unpredictable, and the aftermath can be overwhelming. One of the most pressing questions after a car accident is, “When is it too late to get a lawyer?” This article delves into the intricacies of car accident settlements and the pivotal role of lawyers in this process. We will explore the timeline of “how long does a car accident […]

Legal Labyrinth: Understanding Your Lawyer’s Process and Delays

Have you ever wondered, “why is my lawyer taking so long to settle my case?” You’re not the only one. This inquiry troubles numerous clients who are eager to bring their legal issues to a conclusion. In this piece of writing, we’ll explore why there may be delays and illuminate some of the perplexing aspects of legal proceedings. Understanding Legal […]

Is Your Lawyer on Your Side? Learn How to Identify Indicators That They Could be Betraying You

It can be challenging to maneuver the intricate world of legal representation, particularly when issues surrounding trust arise. If you’re someone who has ever pondered about “how to know if your lawyer is selling you out?” rest assured that you are not alone in having such concerns. In fact, many people share this anxiety and detecting indications of potential treachery […]

When Police Stops/Seizures Are Illegal

Under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, you are entitled to personal privacy and protected from government intrusion, but there are certain circumstances when police officers are allowed to search you, your car, premises, or other property. This article explores what makes a police stop illegal and the limitations police have when it comes to stopping, search, and seizure. […]

How to Legally Defend Yourself Against an Attacker

The law entitles you to defend yourself, others, and your property from attack. However, you should be aware of when you are legally permitted to use force and how much force you are allowed to use so you don’t find yourself facing criminal charges. When is force justified in Hawaii? A person is allowed to use self-defense when they believe that such […]

Hawaii’s Prison System

Hawaii is a tropical paradise, consistently ranked as one of the happiest, healthiest states to live. Despite this, there is still crime, and crime leads to punishment, sometimes in the form of a prison cell. The Hawaii prison system includes four prisons and four jails, plus a contract private prison in Arizona. The state prisons include Halawa Correctional Facility, Waiawa […]

Temporary Restraining Order

A temporary restraining order can be issued against you either by a District Court Judge or a Family Court Judge. In either case the Judge is permitted to temporarily restrain you from contacting certain people and/or going to certain places. Due to the restrictive nature of this temporary order a hearing must be conducted within a certain time period to […]

Public Defender Vs. Criminal Defense Attorney

According to the Sixth Amendment, a defendant has a constitutional right to be represented by an attorney during trial. It also means that if the defendant cannot afford an attorney, a public defender will be paid by the government to handle the case. For anyone facing criminal charges who can afford an attorney, the question, “Is it worth it to […]

Hawaii Prisons and Jails Are Bursting

Hawaii’s prisons and jails have been overcrowded for years. The situation is especially dire at neighbor island correctional facilities, where jails are at least 50 percent over capacity and can have up to four people in a room. Hawaii Community Correctional Center is more than 85 percent over capacity. Built 43 years ago with only 22 beds, HCCC added 200 […]

The Administrative Driver’s License Revocation Office (ADLRO)

The ADLRO is responsible for: Nestled in the heart of the Pacific, ADLRO Hawaii beckons with its pristine landscapes, vibrant culture, and an enchanting blend of tradition and modernity. As we delve into the secrets of this tropical haven, let’s explore why ADLRO Hawaii stands out and why it’s a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience. Unveiling the […]